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Unleash your Creativity - Produce your Song!
HummingBird Studios records and produces music for local artists and creates original music for Film and Television.

What we can do for you...


• EASY, FUN and AFFORDABLE recording experience
• Relaxed setting for anyone to explore their creative side
• Add instruments? anything you like - guitar, bass, drums, orchestration, ethnic instruments... 


• Create or find original music for your scenes
• Edit existing music you have to fit your picture
• Add sound effects

We know how easily creative projects can get shelved - or even forgotten - never getting the chance to grow from those magical moments of inspiration into something tangible you can share with the world. ...So, we would love to help you produce that song or add music to that movie that's been waiting patiently to be REALIZED. 

...We have a great little basement studio, to keep costs down. This means savings we pass on to you and your projects!  


Whether you have just one song or if you have an album to do - let us help you realize your musical dream. Bring us your demo (or even just lyrics) and we will work together to produce a polished finished product.

HummingBird can help you arrange your music, pick the instruments and/or musicians you want to include, and bring your song to life in a specific genre you love - (rock, folk, country, Hip Hop, EDM, etc.).  

Orchestration? Unusual Ethnic instruments? - no problem - we have professional Sound Libraries, the same as used in Film and TV production, which can add the sonic textures you want to make your song unique. 

Call or email us to discuss your project - we would be happy to give you a demo of what we do.



Want more juice in your scenes? Original music can get you there...

HummingBird’s experience composing and producing music for picture spans a diversity of projects including feature length film, TV drama, TV documentary series and commercials, with several soundtracks having been nominated for AMPIA awards. We also offer Music Supervisor services to help you find music from other sources and match it to scenes in your project.

Please review our demo reel for some clips from past projects.
If you have some footage you would like to consider new music for, give us call, we would love to discuss your project.

We make Recording FUN and AFFORDABLE


  • TV documentary series - A Few Good Men and Women

     "I was really impressed with the music -- over and over again Pat (post production) and I would mention to each other how much we liked one cue or another, and how well the music was working. So congratulations on such fine work, and thank you very much for your huge contribution to A Few Good Men & Women." 

    Robin Schlaht
    Zima Junction Productions Inc.
  • TV documentary series - Water Under Fire 
    "Carey came up with a powerful opening theme for the series which really gave us the dramatic punch we were looking for. And the integration of different instrumentation gave each episode some individuality. His ability to create a variety of emotions through his compositions really strengthened our visuals, and gave our message more resonance."

    George Gallant
    Gallant Productions                                    
  • Song writing

    "Working with Carey is always a great experience. He has a wonderful ability to interpret the essence of what sound or feel I am looking for in a song/project and make it tangible".


    Cindy O'Neil
    Canadian Recording Artist
  • Song writing

    “Carey recognizes the essence of an original song, hones in to its musical style, adapts to the way the author intends the song to be, and fleshes it out into a fully developed piece, without losing the integrity of the song. He captures the mood, the art, and the feeling that the song is meant to convey, and uses his experience, insights and artistry to complement the piece. Carey is a valued co-writer, who has given me the opportunity to share my songs with the public, by producing professional quality recordings that I am proud to present for radio airplay."

    Rose-Marie Cameron
  • Song Demos, Audio for the Web

    "HummingBird was very professional and efficient in handling our project which included recording, creating an audio montage and optimizing the final product for the web. Our band was under tight time constraints and HummingBird was able to deliver."

    Nigel McEathron
    McEathron Media
  • Soundtrack - Live Theatre / Film 

    "Once again thanks to you and Chantal for the beautiful music. It is such a joy to dance to and it instantly creates the "world" of the dance piece because it is so evocative and powerful. People say Indian Blue is "profound" and the soundtrack definitely sets the stage for such deep expression. I heard an elder say that "our bodies are appeased by ritual" and the instant I hear that music, I can enter the trancy worlds of Indian Blue.

    Its awesome!"

    Carol Greyeyes


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